Where to Go This Spring | Part Two

As you dream up new ways to explore this year, consider booking a sustainable wilderness experience with one of our Wilderness Tourism Association (WTA) operators. 

Our members offer some of Canada’s most extraordinary wilderness getaways — each balancing sustainability, authenticity and ethics with comfort, luxury and indulgence. 

Enjoy unparalleled service, world-class dining, and unique outdoor activities designed to connect you with the surrounding land. 

Nimmo Bay Resort

Nestled at the foot of Mount Stephens—where the rainforest meets the coast—is a world-renowned and family-owned resort, offering carefully curated luxury wilderness experiences. This intimate, eco-friendly retreat operates in harmony with the lush land surrounding it. Here, you will reconnect with yourself as you tune into the vibrations of the mountains, ocean, and rainforest in front of you.


This spring, Nimmo Bay is offering a few special itineraries:


Journey inwards for 5 days during a Rhythms of Nature Wellness Retreat, where the calming natural world, daily movement, breathwork, wilderness experiences, and nourishing meals will provide a safe and grounding space to heal.


Journey through the senses for 4 nights during Nimmo’s Savour the Coast Culinary Retreat. Enjoy an orchestration of flavours from freshly foraged flora, coastal fair, and local wines… and join in on the creation of your meal through harvesting and foraging adventures.


Immerse Yourself in Inquiry and Adventure for 3 days with Judy Brooks at Nimmo Bay. Slow down and embrace presence by connecting with yourself, with others, and with the environment around you. Engage in soft adventures such as forest strolls, paddling, or receiving a wellness treatment.


Whichever you choose, you’ll leave Nimmo Bay feeling rejuvenated, whole and inspired.

Looking for an off-the-grid hideaway? Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort is an intimate luxury lodge and ranch located amid the vast, rugged heartland of British Columbia.


Siwash Lake specializes in bespoke eco-adventures for private, multi-generation family groups. This world-renowned, boutique, wilderness resort caters to those seeking authenticity, a commitment to sustainability, and impactful, life-enriching experiences — helping to reconnect families and their loved ones, while rekindling the sense of wonder amid an enchanting, soul-stirring landscape.


Following wildfire, the ranch is a real-life oasis and sanctuary where Nature’s resiliency takes center stage in a vibrant, regenerating ecosystem. 


Siwash Lake has a highly personalized and extensive western equestrian program, which teaches about the incredible bond between horses and humans. Guided hiking, fishing, river-rafting, naturalist and bushcraft programs, frontier games, and heli-safaris offer dynamic, educational fun for all ages.


Elegant, open-air dining on the sundeck of the hand-hewn log lodge features climate-conscious cuisine, with food that is ranch-grown and foraged ethically from the wild.


At StarCamp™, the lavish, white canvas prospector tents nestle amid wildflowers, offering magnificent mountain, meadow, and lake vistas, with awe-inspiring night skies.


Siwash Lake is not only among the finest for luxury adventure travel, but SLWR is also a leader in sustainable travel — holding a Platinum certification by GreenStep Sustainable Tourism.

Mothership Adventures

Quietly become part of nature as you drift through landscapes only accessible by water. Mothership Adventures is a family-run business offering wilderness vacations fuelled by decades of experience at sea. Feel embraced by a crew of people who are deeply passionate about natural history, marine biology, and protecting the beauty and integrity of British Columbia’s coast. Enjoy good stories, food and people that are best experienced out at sea.


Embark on a multi-day Coastal History Adventure as historian and author, Jeanette Taylor, shares knowledge and stories on Vancouver Island’s inner coast. Journey through the tightly packed Discovery Islands, the dramatic peaks of Bute Inlet, and the clustered islands of Desolation Sound. Observe effortlessly photogenic landscapes, marine and wildlife, Indigenous rock art sites, and island homesteads. As you drift aboard the lovingly maintained 68’ Columbia III, you will feel the comfort of a warm family atmosphere against the backdrop of a vast and sprawling wilderness oasis.

Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

Visit Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge this spring to stay in one of their infamous, chic tents amongst a backdrop of vast old-growth forests. This Vancouver Island outpost lines the banks of the Clayoquot Sound inlet, offering a rejuvenating experience among the tranquil wilderness surrounding it.


Clayoquot Lodge offers a wide array of wilderness activities to bolster your stay. Signature experiences include:


Canyoning: Travel via kayak to a waterfall channel bejewelled with a series of smaller pools; perfect for swimming, floating and exploring beneath the glassy, glacier-fed waters.


Horseback Riding: Traverse across mountain rivers, explore forest trails lined with thick coastal ferns, and journey through lush meadows, all from the comfort of a sturdy stead beneath a western saddle.


Sights of the Sound: An abundance of marine life will be spotted while you tour Clayoquot Sound’s immense ocean expanse. Whales, porpoises, seals, and sea lions can be spotted in the depths of the sound, whereas black bears are seen at low-tide searching for seafood snacks.


Clayoquot is a bucket list destination with some of the most astounding natural environments to be seen in Canada.  

Wildcoast Adventures

Stretch out on sun-toasted rocks and listen for the blow of passing pods. Wildcoast Adventures leads guided sea kayak trips through the waters of Johnstone Strait, Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands. Kayak adventures range from day tours to multi-day adventures that will ease you into the heart of BC’s serene coast where orcas, humpbacks and marine life roam.


Glide your way through layered landscapes of mountains and then retire to a dreamy glamping scene with the Orca Camp or Whales and Bears Excursion. Fuel your spirit with fresh coastal cuisine, the warmth of a wood-fired hot tub, and the sights and sounds of wildlife.

Venture into the wilderness with quality expedition gear and professional guides that will lead you through varying landscapes from the Discovery Islands to Desolation Sound. Unzip your tent in the morning to fresh coastal air and enjoy the day exploring inlets, coves, bays and beaches. 

Pacific Yellowfin

Hop aboard the Pacific Yellowfin this spring for a once in a lifetime luxury yacht excursion.


Your ‘personal floating wilderness resort’ is equipped with all the amenities of a luxury hotel, yet rich with historical details. A warm crew, spacious cabins, and the opportunity for endless adventure make this charter so special.


The anticipatory service onboard is unmatched; with decades of experience, Captain Colin and his mates share their wisdom on secret spots, nature routines, and authentic connections to the locals.


Kick back and indulge in the freshest seafood along your voyage — or fly in the air from the inflatable water trampolines. Waterskiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling can be done anywhere, anytime.


If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Desolation Sound or the Great Bear Rainforest this spring, this is it.

Ocean Outfitters

If you’re searching for some fun and educational adventures this spring, Ocean Outfitters is your source.


Located in Tofino BC, this carbon-neutral adventure tour company offers wildlife viewing trips through the magnificent Clayoquot Sound. Hop aboard one of their Zodiac boats for a faster ride, or glide slowly along the waters in one of their ocean kayaks. Regardless, you’ll be taking in the sights of Black Bears, Sea Otters, Sea Lions, Coastal Wolves, Eagles, and several species of whales (Gray, Humpback, Killer).


The Hot Springs Cove adventure is a must; after exploring miles and miles of ocean, disembark for a 1.5km walk along a cedar boardwalk through an enchanting rainforest that opens to a cascading waterfall with warm pools below. From here, take in a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean as you can ensconce in the natural geothermal hot springs.


Ocean Outfitters is committed to helping their customers foster meaningful connections with nature to inspire its conservancy.


Prince of Whales

Escape the city for a day and allow the movements of the ocean to align you with nature. Prince of Whales Adventures is a family-owned whale-watching and eco-adventure company on the coast of British Columbia. Its proximity to one of the world’s largest and most biologically rich areas provides a quintessential wilderness and wildlife viewing experience.


Cast off from Vancouver, Victoria, or Telegraph Cove and cruise high-speed into the heart of the Salish Sea. Surround yourself with panoramic views as you navigate through nutrient-rich coastal waters where Humpbacks and Killer Whales roam. Your ocean wildlife tour will be led by an eclectic and friendly bunch of sea stewards beaming at the chance to share their passion for the sea with you. After experiencing the reverberating blow of whales in a secluded bay, it’s likely you’ll return to shore with a newfound admiration for our majestic marine neighbours.

We acknowledge that the WTA, through our various initiatives, operates on the traditional unceded territories of many First Nations in British Columbia.

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