Where to Go This Spring | Part Three

Looking for more sustainable travel resources? Below are a list of tourism associations that represent responsible tour operators across BC.

If you’re ever in search for a wilderness vacation in BC — and you want to ensure you’re booking with destinations that have the best interests of the environment guiding their operations — these are the places to look. 

Sustainability is core to these associations, and their members show their steadfast commitment to the environment through thoughtful interactions with local cultures, communities, and ecosystems.

Small Ship Tour Operators Association

The Small Ship Tour Operators Association (SSTOA) is comprised of seven small-ship tour companies that specialize in providing niche wilderness travel experiences. Do your Spring plans include cruising remote passages of the west coast? SSTOA operators offer renowned expeditions that center wildlife, nature, and Indigenous cultural experiences.

Commercial Bear Viewing Association

The CBVA is comprised of 24 responsible bear viewing companies, and their guides, across BC — all working together to promote sustainable bear viewing operations, to aid in the protection of bears, and to aid in the conservation of their habitats. The CBVA members set the bear viewing standard for the industry with a list of best practices. If you’re looking for a Bear Viewing Tour this spring, check them out!

North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association

The North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association (NIMMSA) represents the shared vision of 25 organizations who are committed to maintaining a positive balance between human activities and the health of the local marine ecosystem. If you’re interested in seeing marine mammals this Spring, NIMMSA members offer ethical viewing experiences in and around the Vancouver Island region.

Sea Kayak Operators Association

The Sea Kayak Operators Association (SKOA) is a member-led organization that works in conjunction with the WTA to unify the voices of the sea kayak industry. Interested in booking a kayak tour this Spring? SKOA members provide quality wilderness experiences rooted in a passion for protecting the critical natural regions where they operate.

We acknowledge that the WTA, through our various initiatives, operates on the traditional unceded territories of many First Nations in British Columbia.

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