Project Opportunities

Wilderness Tourism Association members may be interested in the following list of project opportunities (or others they have identified). If your business or organization meets the appropriate requirements then we encourage you to apply and we may be able to assist your organization with the application/project. The WTA is a registered, incorporated, non-profit organization, a registered lobbyist with the BC government and is affiliated with several tourism sector organizations. This accreditation and affiliations may add strength to your proposal by leveraging resources or adding expertise and services you may not currently have. 

Please take a read through below to see what is required from the applicant as well as what areas the WTA will and will not assist with. A collaborative agreement template explaining the roles of each party can also be viewed below. 

Project Proponent:
– The applicant must be a current member of the WTA to receive assistance
– The applicant must identify specific areas or components of the project that interest them
– The proponent must develop the project proposal
– The applicant must provide a framework that the WTA can assist with
– Be willing to sign a contract with the WTA if the WTA is doing more than providing advice

What the WTA can do:
– The WTA can assist with the  development  and packaging of a proposal
– The WTA can help to administer the proposal/ project if requested
– The WTA can advise and advocate for the proposal/project 

What the Proponent is Responsible for: 
– The proponent will draft the proposal (WTA will assist if it is a joint proposal)
– The proponent will develop the concepts for the proposal (WTA is available to discuss proponents ideas)
– The proponent will maintain a management position on the proposal/project

Clean Coast Clean Water Initiative Fund

*Application being Accepted until February 15th, 2021*

Funding for the Clean Coast, Clean Waters Initiative (the “Fund”) is provided by the British Columbia (BC) government as part of its far-ranging Pandemic Response and Economic Recovery initiative supporting all sectors that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. 

The Fund will help to create jobs and support coastal communities as they recover from the COVID-19 economic downturn and loss of tourism. The Fund also supports BC’s work on addressing marine debris, as recommended in the 2020 What We Heard on Marine Debris in BC report, and the 2019 CleanBC Plastics Action Plan.

The Fund is directed toward marine coastal Indigenous Nations, Indigenous organizations and local governments in BC, as well as BC non-profits and organizations/individuals that have expertise in shoreline and marine debris clean-up and/or removal of derelict vessels.

The Fund will support two types of projects:

Marine shoreline clean-up: Conduct and coordinate shoreline clean up in marine coastal BC locations.

Derelict vessel removal: Conduct and coordinate derelict vessel removal in coastal BC locations.

The Fund is administered by PwC Canada on behalf of the Province of British Columbia. Find out more information by visiting the Clean Coast Clean Waters Initiative Fund Website.

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