The Benefits of a Membership

In order to have a strong and sustainable wilderness tourism industry we need to have a robust industry organization with independent funding.  We can only achieve our goals of protecting the land and water resources that support our businesses, and securing access to high quality opportunities and experiences if we have a strong stakeholder base of wilderness tourism operators from every area of the province. 

The WTABC has adopted an industry stakeholder model where all wilderness, adventure or nature based tourism operators and those associated with nature based tourism like sector associations, regions, DMO’s, education institutions, suppliers, consultants and ‘friends’ are considered stakeholders. The WTABC has two categories of stakeholders: voting and non-voting.

As a voting stakeholder of the WTABC you support a dynamic organization representing the collective interests and concerns of BC’s wilderness or nature based tourism industry. The primary role of the WTABC is to provide leadership and advocacy on issues that are important to its stakeholders.  This allows our stakeholders to continue to pursue their business interests.  There are hundreds of nature based tourism businesses in BC who use our wilderness recreational resources and the WTABC is the only organization, which represents their interests and concerns. Destination Marketing Organizations can’t provide this service nor should they.

Perhaps the most substantial benefit of belonging to WTABC is knowing that you belong to an organization that you can call on when needed.  In today’s operating environment this is becoming more often than not.

By becoming a WTABC Voting Stakeholder not only do you help to protect your investment – protecting the land and water resources that support your businesses, and securing access to high quality opportunities and experiences, but you also have access to the resources, benefits and privileges of the WTABC including: 

  1. Voting at the AGM and other meetings of the association, including the election of the Board of Directors.
  2. Effective advocacy, lobbying and information exchange on issues facing operators and the greater industry; 
  3. Representation on issues of importance to your business and/or sector including official representation in the Government/Industry Committees, Forums and planning processes;
  4. The opportunity to inform and shape WTABC and industry priorities, policies, standards and best practices;
  5. Expert advice and/or assistance on your issues of concern such as land use conflicts, tenure security, liability and operating practices.
  6. Access to industry research, reports and marketing studies.
  7. Regular and informative newsletters, bulletins and updates via email.
  8. Industry promotion including listings on the BE WILD IN BC Tour Operator Directory that ‘hot links’ to your business website, and WTABC Stewardship Stories.

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