The Value of a Wilderness Tourism Association Membership

In order to have a strong and sustainable wilderness tourism industry, we need to have a robust industry organization with independent funding.  We can only achieve our goals of protecting the land and water resources that support our businesses and securing access to high-quality opportunities and experiences if we have a strong stakeholder base of wilderness tourism operators from every area of the province. 


Perhaps the most substantial benefit of belonging to WTABC is knowing that you belong to an organization that you can call on when needed.  In today’s operating environment this is becoming more often than not.

Membership Rates

The WTABC has two categories of stakeholders: voting and non-voting. 

Voting Stakeholder: Is an operator/business that pays an annual contribution based on the number of employees they have. See the membership application below for details.

Non-voting stakeholders will have access to the following benefits and privileges:

  • Representation on issues of importance to the whole nature based tourism industry;
  • Participating in and benefiting from WTABC work, initiatives and opportunities on a fee for service basis;
  • Advertising on our BE WILD IN BC Tour Operator Directory on a fee for service basis;
  • Subscription to the WTABC non-voting stakeholder’s email list, which provides industry news and updates, and appeals to become a voting stakeholder or to donate to the WTABC; and
  • Attending meetings of the association, but will not be entitled to vote at any meetings of the association. 

Non-voting stakeholders are encouraged to donate to the WTABC to help sustain the organization. Suggested donation amounts are $150 – $300. Please contact WTABC at 250-655-4103 to donate.

We acknowledge that the WTA, through our various initiatives, operates on the traditional unceded territories of many First Nations in British Columbia.

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