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Opportunities for Tour Operators

Join the Wilderness Tourism Association

Join the Wilderness Tourism Association and help support a strong and sustainable wilderness tourism industry by protecting the land and water resources that support our businesses. Learn, network, and achieve success with other industry stakeholders, and stay ahead of today’s tourism industry opportunities and challenges.

As a voting stakeholder of the WTA, you will support a dynamic organization representing both the individual and the collective interests and concerns of BC’s wilderness or nature-based tourism industry.

Donate to WTA’s wilderness stewardship activities

Wilderness Tourism Association of BC (WTA) business stakeholders and their conscientious customers are donating financial resources to protect and positively impact the environments they visit in British Columbia.  

We know that guests and visitors by and large love the places they visit and want to help contribute to protect them. The WTA helps facilitate this connection. Ask your operator if they are contributing to the Wilderness Tourism Association of BC. 

Donate to support WTA wilderness stewardship now!

Non-voting stakeholders are encouraged to donate to the WTABC to help sustain the organization. Suggested donation amounts are $150-$300. Please contact WTABC at 250-655-4103 to donate.

Job Opportunities

Digital Skills for Youth Position

The Digital Skills for Youth program is intended to help businesses leverage the knowledge of a tech-savvy, educated youth population to future-proof your business. The  host organization gives candidates the opportunity to combine their digital skills and knowledge with soft skills such as communication, problem solving, and teamwork.

The Wilderness Tourism Association  (WTA) is looking for a candidate to:

  • Help develop and advance the Associations fledgling digital marketing program.

  • Develop Social media and web programs for outreach to tourism business and clients

  • Create stronger connections with the Associations members and help promote their tourism opportunities

Placements must be a minimum of 3 months in length. Candidates must meet eligibility criteria:

  • less than 30 years old

  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or granted refugee status

  • meet educational requirements (completed a post secondary diploma or degree).

  • They must be unemployed, underemployed or hold part-time employment.

  • Must have basic computer skills and be adept at social media the web-based applications

  • Must have access to a computer with internet connection

  • Position can be full time or part time

  • The position works from their home

Project can start now or in June.

Background: The WTA is looking at furthering its public outreach through a means of social media, content marketing activities, and brand aligned photo and video creation. Each of these components will work together to achieve the goals and objectives that the WTA has set for itself. All of these components will work to drive visitor numbers up by sharing content on a provincial basis. The more members across the wilderness tourism industry that the WTA can work with, the more they will have a unified voice when helping to advocate for the industry.

The goal of the WTA’s sector promotion and public outreach initiative is to become known to a larger number and variety of wilderness tourism operators throughout British Columbia. These tourism operators may direct other operators to the WTA, or even choose to become members themselves. The WTA plans to work towards a secure and unified wilderness tourism sector, which will help grow both domestic and eventually international tourism throughout British Columbia.

Through social media, the WTA hopes to share content that is directly related to its mandate and projects through a variety of paid advertisements on multiple platforms. With paid advertisements, the WTA will be able to share what it mandates and some of the benefits of being a member. The advertisements can also pose questions to the viewers. It can ask them why they think it is important that wilderness tourism continue in BC and ask them to share meaningful wilderness tourism experiences.

Currently, the WTA uses multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The WTA Social Media is currently managed by the WTA’s social media sub-committee. Since the WTA began using these platforms, the number of followers has grown. However, this number is far less when compared to the amount of people that paid advertisements could reach. More people viewing their content would lead to more people following the WTA, which would lead to further awareness of the WTA’s existence.


Reporting the Executive Director of the WTA, the candidate will work with the Manager of Marketing in advancing the WTA’s digital outreach programs though its website and social media accounts.

The position will:

  • Develop messaging and promotional materials suitable for use on the WTA website and social media.

  • Provide recommendations to the WTA board on social media direction and constructs

  • Develop interactive social media content using appropriate social media outlets for use by members and potential clients

  • Moderate the social media and web communication as needed

  • In collaboration with the Marketing manager develop Google advertising program for the WTA

  • Other digital related projects as assigned.

Send your expression of interest to or call 1- 778- 671-0941
Phone: (778) 671-0941

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