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Guidance for Replacement of Forest Stewardship Plans - The WTABC, as a member of the Minister of Forests, Range and Natural Resource Operations' Advisory Council on Forests and Range Practices (PAC), has helped to foster guidance for the replacement of Forest Stewardship Plans (FSPs) in the province. This document summarizes new guidance for upcoming replacement of FSPs. 

10 Highlights of the 2015 Adventure Tourism Policy Update - a concise list of the major updates to adventure tourism policy in 2015. The WTABC was instrumental in promoting and shaping these updates. 

Pipelines and Tanker Traffic - follow these links to the "Issues and Projects" section of our website to find information about the impacts of pipelines and tanker traffic on Land & Resource Use and Marine Use & Fisheries in British Columbia. 

British Columbia Mineral Tenure and Mine Permitting and Management Policy - The WTABC has prepared this position paper on mine management and mineral tenure permitting and there threats to the BC nature-based tourism industry.  

Wild Salmon and Salmon Farming - The WTABC has prepared a position paper regarding the importance of wild salmon to tourism and impacts of the salmon farming industry on wild salmon.

Destination BC - The WTABC has prepared a position paper regarding the improvements needed to Destination BC

Natural Resource Roads Act - The WTABC has prepared a position paper on the Natural Resource Roads Act as currently proposed.

Forestry Impacts and Communications - The WTABC has prepared a position paper regarding the impacts of forestry operations on tourism and associated issues with communication.

Tourism and VQOs -  The WTABC has prepared a position paper regarding the value of Visual Quality Objectives (VQOs) to the tourism industry.

Communicating with Forest Licencees - The WTABC has prepared this letter as guidance for tenured tourism operators regarding communication and relationship building with forestry licencees in their operating areas.

WTA Code of Conduct - In the spirit of environmental stewardship, wilderness tourism operators are adopting practices that will ensure the sustainability of the industry and the natural/cultural environment on which wilderness tourism depends.

WTABC Issues, Policies and Positions 2013 - The WTABC prepared this policy and positions document to inform party leaders and candidates, and to help identify issues leading up to the 2013 British Columbia general election and beyond.


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Draft Overview of Off Road Vehicle Act - This overview was prepared by the Manager responsible for ORVs with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

Tenure Issues Progress Report Card - The WTABC recently submitted a progress report card to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations regarding the Ministry's success in confronting and making improvements to tenure issues relevant to wilderness tourism operators in the province.

2014 Marine Planning Partnership for the North Coast Initiative - Since June of 2012, the Wilderness Tourism Association of BC (WTABC) has participated in the Marine Planning Partnership for the North Pacific Coast (MaPP) initiative marine planning process. This report details the final marine use plans which were the outcome of this initiative.   

Tourism Operators Guidebook - The guidebook provides useful information to individuals who are considering starting an Adventure Tourism operation and AT operators who would like to identify interests and address land security issues.  Summary document; full document available for members of the WTABC (contact us for a copy of this guidebook).

Towards Greater Tenure Security for Commercial Recreation Operators - A comprehensive report, which looks at resolving the issues regarding operator security (i.e. tenure taking, compensation, and land rights parity), which in turn affect investor security and the overall health of the industry.

2012 Cohen Commission - Report on the Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River.

Nature Based Tourism Study with TBC - This report describes the characteristics of commercial nature-based tourism in British Columbia including a summary of the economic impacts.

Strategy For Forests - This report was developed in partnership with COTA from research and consultation undertaken in 2006/2007.

Tourism Zonation System - The WTABC, in partnership with Ethos Environmental, developed an innovative land zonation system to protect a high quality tourism experience in BC.

Claiming Visitor Rebates for HST/GST - Foreign Convention and Tour Incentive Program

Understanding VQOs - The WTABC prepared this report to help explain Visual Quality Objectives and their importance to the tourism industry. 

WTABC Fact Sheet - Tourism and Visual Quality Objectives (VQOs) in forested landscapes - a first in a series of fact sheets, this document summaries the issues around VQOs and their importance to the tourism industry

ILRR Tutorial for Adventure Tourism Operators - Tutorial on using our Integrated Land and Resource Registry (ILRR) to obtain information about existing tenure holders in a given area.

FAQ on Incidental Use -  One-page summary on the new incidental use section of the Adventure Tourism Policy

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Useful Links

Parliament of Canada - Members of the Cabinet, Parliamentary Secretaries and Opposition Party Critics

BC Government Directory

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Innovation

Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations

BC Parks

NRO Adventure Tourism Site

BC Environmental Assessment Office

Land Use Planning Policies and Guides

Forest Acts and Regulations

Crown Land Allocation Applications and Decisions

Wildlife Guidelines for Backcountry Tourism/Commercial Recreation in British Columbia

Statutes and Consolidated Regulations of British Columbia

Auditor General of British Columbia

BC's Tourism Strategy: Gaining the Edge


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In addition to our core mandate of working to protect BC’s wilderness landscapes, marine areas and intact functioning ecosystems, and secure access to wilderness tourism opportunities, the WTABC offers additional services and benefits to our members.  These services are identified below.

Marketing and Promotion - The WTABC is in a unique position to promote its stakeholders in the nature based tourism sector.  Contact us for information about marketing opportunities.

Insurance and Benefits - as part of our member services, the WTABC offers a group benefits program and a travel insurance program. 

WTA Travel Insurance Program - The WTABC has a Travel Insurance Program (trip cancellation and emergency medical) in partnership with Lifestyle Financial Services that tourism operators can offer to their guests.  In addition to providing comprehensive coverage for wilderness or adventure tourism holidays this program has the added benefit of generating a small amount of revenue for the WTABC. Each time a guest chooses to insure their holiday with this program a small referral fee will be paid to the WTABC.  For more information please contact Geoffrey Straight at Lifestyle Financial Services: 250-542-8577 or Geoff@lifestylefinancial.ca.  Wilderness or adventure travelers can click here to get an online travel insurance quote.

WTA Health and Dental Plan - The WTABC has partnered with Manulife to offer members and employees of member companies access to an extended health and dental plan. The Association Health & Dental Plan offers 8 distinct plan choices which features prescription drug coverage, dental, hospital, vision, EHC and AD&D. The Association health and dental plan protects you and your employees against routine and unexpected health care expenses by filling in the gaps left by their provincial health insurance plan.  For more information on this insurance or to purchase a plan, please contact Chris Nagle at Investers Group Financial Services: Chris.Nagle@investorsgroup.com or 250-338-7811 ext 259; or visit the Manulife/WTA website


Green Tourism Certification - The WTABC is working with Green Tourism Canada to develop a BC (and Canada) green (or sustainable) certification program for tourism operations.  We can help facilitate the certification of our member businesses.  Several of our members are already certified under this program.  Contact us for more information.

Tourism/Business Consulting - The WTABC staff and members have a significant depth and breadth of knowledge about the tourism industry and operating successful businesses.  We offer consulting and analysis services for just about any area or topic in tourism.  Contact us for a consulting profile and rates.

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