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Learn, network, and achieve success with other industry stakeholders, and stay ahead of todays tourism industry opportunities and challenges. Join and support the Wilderness Tourism Association of BC and take advantage of our advocacy, networking, knowledge-sharing and collaborative approach solving industry issues, for industry operators and associates throughout British Columbia. Our sector is stronger by working together.

Join the Wilderness Tourism Association

Join the Wilderness Tourism Association and help support a strong and sustainable wilderness tourism industry by protecting the land and water resources that support our businesses, and securing access to high quality opportunities and experiences. 

As a voting stakeholder of the WTA you will support a dynamic organization representing both the individual and the collective interests and concerns of BC's wilderness or nature based tourism industry. You will also have access to many benefits, program, and resources.  Click here for more information.


Donate to WTA's wilderness stewardship activities


Wilderness tourism businesses make a connection between tourism’s economic contribution and the importance of redirecting some of that benefit directly to stewardship and conservation of the environment so that both can be sustained.


Wilderness Tourism Association of BC (WTA) business stakeholders and their conscientious customers are donating financial resources to protect and positively impact the environments they visit in British Columbia.  These resources are helping the WTA to support biodiversity and habitat conservation, ecosystem resilience, and other environmental and socio-cultural improvements. Industry leaders who have strong environmental and social values and ethics are pioneering the movement.


WTA contributions come from customers of WTA businesses or directly from donors.  Some WTA businesses incorporate an additional fee into their tariff, or they present the wilderness stewardship activities of the WTA to their clients and encourage them to donate directly.  The WTA and its stakeholders encourage a constructive interaction between travelers, tour companies, the environments being visited and the work that WTA does to protect them. This approach not only inspires visitors to donate financial resources where it is needed, but also inspires visitors to become educated about local environmental, socio-cultural and economic issues.


We know that guests and visitors by and large love the places they visit and want to help contribute to protect them. The WTA help’s facilitate this connection.  Ask your operator if they are contributing to the Wilderness Tourism Association of BC.


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Support the WTA's wilderness stewardship activities and efforts with your donation...


Click here for a donation form that you can print and send to us.  Or you can make a direct payment to the WTA via Paypal.